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Welcome to aaromeen! Our fish is always fresh!!

Aaromeen Seafood, is a pioneer in home delivery of fresh seafood in India. We started full-fledged operations in Tiruchirappalli and soon going to be launched all over Tamilnadu.  

aaromeen.com is an online order website and android mobile app that lets you order seafood high quality buy fresh fish and prawns.

Order online fresh fishes such as Cuttle Fish - கனவா மீன், King Fish - வஞ்சரம் மீன், Ooli Fish - ஊளி மீன், Pomfret Fish - வாவல் மீன், Rock Fish - பாறை மீன், White Pomfret - வெள்ளை வாவல் மீன், Red Snapper Fish - சங்கரா மீன் and Prawn – இறால் many more at seafood. Now get the clean and cut pieces of your choice from seafood at affordable rates.

We provide Excellent services in terms of quality, price and convenience. For queries please reach out at aaromeen.com or google play store app and provide your valued feedback about your shopping experience. The difference in sea foods aaromeen.com and others are quality and freshness.